Thursday, December 10, 2009


2009 was a big year for reproduction motorcycle caps. Original 1950's Harley Caps on eBay proved to be a big money-making market, so four different companies decided to jump the band wagon and recreate them. The search for the rare colors - tan, blue or silver/grey - are no longer like trying to find a needle in a hay stack. Want a green one? How about a white one? You can have them made to order in your size. I have absolutely no affiliation with any of these companies; my only goal is to share the available options. Here are some of the retailers who make 'em:

Wild Presents $100 + s/h with two weeks to make. Oddly enough, they advertise pictures of Elvis wearing his trademarked black with white bill and star patch on this site. Well...Wild Presents doesn'tmake this style. EBay Seller Nitetimenick and Killer Diller do (below). Wild Presents make a plethora of color combinations and at $10 extra dollars, you can have the rope replaced with a gold or nickel (metal) expansion strap.


EBay Seller: Nitetimenick $150 if you're the only bidder or you can Buy It Now for $250. They've been selling at an average of about $150. They've captured the look of Elvis' cap, but for you knit picky collectors, beware... If you are looking for an exact replica, Elvis' was an 8 point cap. This reproduction is an 8 panel cap. Still, a great looking cap. I may purchase one for myself.

North Los Angeles Motorcycle Club's (NLAMC) Johnny Cap. $150. A nice looking reproduction, but I can't tell what's doin' with the bill corners where the material comes out. Not your traditional style,but more of a modern twist...although, I don't think I've seen any moderncaps of any kind with that type of bill. While you're on their site, why not have a custom racing sweater made. "Flathead Jedd" is very easy to work with.

*Update:  As of 12 June 2011, It appears the Johny Caps are no longer for sale and have been removed from the site.

Killer Diller. $160 A descent looking cap with a pretty cool metal skull with wings emblem (gold or silver). Looks more like a reproduction crusher cap than anything.  These are handmade by one guy out of Chicago.  Nick Curren has been rockin his tan one a lot lately.  I've been told he also makes the Elvis one-star cap.

If you're willing to sit around for almost a month to receive it, my vote goes to Wild Presents for the most authentic looking caps. Nothing; however, beats an original 1940's-1960's Harley Davidson cap. Nowadays, you can usually get one on eBay for around $150.

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