Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Mister Freedom has done it again... You can't tell by the new pair, but take a look at his personal pair after 30 days of being "heavily worn". As a self-proclaimed collector and somewhat know-it-all (or know-most-of-it-all), I must say that he has captured the authentic look of a pair of 1940's engineer boots. From the leather soles and Cats Paw Heels to the up turned toe. Take a look at my original 1940's Chippewa's. Anything look familiar? I think the only things he could've added washorsehide leather and perhaps the "toe track" that are sometimes left behind by boot lasts. The price is pretty reasonable at $949.45, relativelyspeaking. For example: A pair of Real McCoy Horsehide Buco's go for approx$800 (unless you are the winner of the recent pair on eBay for $585) andwith tax, fees, etc. from Japan, you are looking at about the same cost. Ifyou had a pair made by WESCO, you would be in the same ball park as well. To own an original pair of Chippewa's like mine, you are looking at around$600 (on a G-O-O-D day) and up...if and whenever they are available on eBay.

The first 3 Chippewa photo's below are a pair I sold on eBay back in 2007 for $700 Buy it Now and the last pic is a pair I currently own.

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