Monday, March 1, 2010


I was sifting through my collection of DVD's/CD's last night that I brought back with me from last year’s 13 month deployment to Iraq and happened upon this documentary. I was quickly reminded of how fun it was to see various clips of my wife and I that Producer Elizabeth Blozan captured. I'm very confident in saying that she and her cameraman are Ninja's, because there wasn't one clip I watched where I remembered someone with a video camera...and there are quite a few clips of us.

The most memorable clip on the documentary for me; however, is the footage Elizabeth captured of my marriage proposal to Jillian at a Rudolpho's Christmas gig in L.A. I thought I had it in the bag when I contacted Robert "Big Sandy" Williams to help me out with the proposal since he and his Fly-Rite Boys were headlining that evening’s show - they also happen to be the headlining band when Jillian and I met back in 2000 at an Eagle Rock "Bowl-a-Rama" gig. Needless to say, they are our favorite band.

I had something simple in mind - something that would elicit a "yes." I'm guessing Big Sandy had done this once or twice in the past, because he ignored my mediocre idea and had me follow his lead. What resulted was something I, myself, could never have come up with in a million years and Elizabeth caught it ALL on tape. I was a nervous wreck, which is crystal clear on the documentary.  Elizabeth's timing could not have been any better and I can't thank her enough for it. Naturally, she was invited to our wedding on September 19, 2004.

I really enjoy the documentary and I think it captures a lot of what the L.A. Rockabilly scene is like. Good music, rockin' clothes and a great bunch of people.

Thanks again Elizabeth!!


  1. How cool John! Yes, I agree...John and Jillian a "cute couple"!!

    But tell me, how's the "scene" now? Has it changed much?


  2. That was the best part of the video...LOL!!! Just kidding, it was good all around! Fun to see everyone on there.

  3. Ha - Thanks!!

    To be honest, we haven't been out much lately - just concentrating on our vintage collecting. There haven't been many shows that've sparked our interest - I'd say there's been a lull in any real Rockabilly activities. VLV is rapidly approaching and we'll be at that, so it should be fun.


  4. Wish we could be there at Viva, but unfortunately it conflicts with my work schedule. I'm sure you will have a great time! Rockabilly is pretty dead here in the midwest due to the sagging economy.