Monday, March 1, 2010


They're not your typical Engineer Boot and, at first glance, they don't appear too classic. On the contrary. They are super vintage and pretty rare. I've only run across a few these over years and they've both been a western-style boot. Through some research, I can say production of this style was made as early as the 1940's. I imagine they were meant to be worn with Denim Jeans - the boot shafts are just much too wide to be worn with trousers.

This original 1940's pair is currently being offered through a Japanese store for ¥49,000 or $558.17.  Notice the sheepskin lining.

Here is a reproduction pair I currently own that were made by the now defunked Jubilee Company. I imagine the original pair above was the model for this one.
A pair of really beat up Jubilees that sold on a Japanese auction a couple of years back.  Looks like the owner used black paint on the leather.
I purchased this western-style pair for under $200  They sat in my closet for a LONG time and I just decided to sell them to someone who would hopefully put them to use. I held on to them for as long as I could until I realized that I had way too many vintage Engineer Boots and had to prioritize. They were let go for just under $500.

This great two-tone western-style pair were sold on eBay some years ago.


From a 1957 Aldens Catalog.  There are striking similarities with the tiered double welt on my Jubilee's above

From a 1950's Red Wing Shoe/Boot Catalog.  What in the world is a "Pistol Chain"?!?  I want that!!!!  Whatever it is I want it!!!


  1. Yoshi is going to make a reproduction of these boots. Might have them for VLV this year?

  2. Nice - it's about time someone re-made them (again). I really should wear my Jubilee's more often.
    I'll have to definitely bring some extra scratch with me to VLV.

  3. He's also going to make some super cool welted shoes and engineer boots....pack a wedge!

  4. hi john,
    im a fan of your blog, back here in the philippines we dont really get too many choices, ive to import my stuff. Im really digging this boot, what are the straps in the middle for?
    dante of lucky monkey silver

  5. John, you're going to VLV?
    email me, i'm going too.. we should kick it fur shur.


  6. K!! What's up?!? Yeah, I'll be there. We'll definitely have a drink.


  7. Hi John
    I need your help because I am thinking of buying the Toys McCoys Engineer boots in a brown but I have been told they come up quite narrow. I take a size 8 1/2 US so would you say its best to size up to a 9 or stick with the size 8/12? You have a great website!!!