Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Our current home was built in 1952 and still bears the original pink and teal paint from the day it was constructed.

I was very turned off by the interior of this house right off the bat. The walls were covered with a fresh coat of dark, dank and dreary complemented by the newly laid industrial-grade crap carpet of an equally horking color scheme. Jillian; however, had that vision again. She whipped the house back into shape, ripping out the carpet and had wood floors installed. She painted the walls a beautiful blinding white breathing life back into this mid-century must-have. All the mid-century furniture we’ve collected over the years seems to have been returned to their natural setting – all is well.

Interior photographs to follow…

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  1. Your house is stunning and thats pretty amazing that the original paint remains. The only thing missing is a 53 Fairlane in the driveway.