Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Good news to Buco Engineer Boot fans!! The Real McCoy's are re-releasing their earlier Y2K model Horsehide Buco Engineer Boots. They will be available for purchase sometime during Spring. Bad news? They are being offered for ¥126,000 ($1,403 at today's rate). That's almost $500 more than what I paid for the very last edition (¥84,000 / $935) back in May 2008. The only real difference is the tanning process used on the leather. The last version was completely dyed black, whereas this new one is vegetable tanned leaving a natural edge to the cut leather. I can't see any other differences.

A Y2K pair sold for just over $500 on eBay late last year, was in mint condition AND it had brass buckles!!. Save for the label and visible toe track and buckle color, this new offering is just like the Toys McCoy Horsehide Engineer Boots. I purchased my Becks for ¥7,1400 ($795). The way I see it, you can save hundreds by going with my vote, Becks boots. Not only are they vegetable tanned, but they also have brass buckles - just the way I like my boots.

Available Spring/Summer 2010 - $1,400
My Buco's fresh from the Postman back in May 2008 - $935
My Buco's today - these will take YEARS to break in just right.
These sold for $585 on eBay - They were a size 8 and should've sold for at least $800
Toys McCoy Beck's
My Beck's Boots today - purchased in May 2009. - $795


  1. Where can one find the Becks?

  2. are the becks true to size or do you have to size down?

  3. Seller "speedwayshop" sells them on eBay and I personally think they are very close to true-to-size.