Sunday, April 7, 2024


Brand: Unknown
Circa: 1930s
Color: Black
Size: Unknown
Length: 11.8"
Width: 4.6"
Height: 16.33" (Obviously a factory 17")
Soles: Heels and soles were originally leather with early Cat's Paw Super Cord Soles and late Biltrite half soles and heels later added.
Leather: Unknown. 
Hardware: Nickel
Condition: Pretty damn good for such old boots. Typical backstay stitching separation
Sold For: Best offer accepted from $525.

Any best offer between three and a half to four bills is an excellent deal on these boots. Tall shafts aren't for everyone, but with so many heritage cobblers out there now, they can skillfully be cut down to twelve-inches.  

Based on the leather midsole shrinkage, it appears the soles were added early on and heels likely replaced numerous times.

I won't rule out horsehide, but despite what you read from most sellers there's absolutely no telling if vintage leather is horsehide or cowhide merely by look and feel. Old leather ages differently based on usage, exposure to the elements, etc. 

Overall, I think buyer should feel happy with the deal on these vintage engineer boots.

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