Thursday, November 12, 2020


Brand: Keystone Shoe Co. 
Colors: Nice Brown x Black
Sizes: 5 - 12 D or E 
Leather: Horween 
Insole: Flexible 
Leather Insole 
Hardware: Nickle 
Price: ¥ 58,000 ($552.00) 
Order start date: March 29th 2020
Delivery time: Estimated March 2021


I introduced my readers to the newest name in the vintage-inspired Engineer Boot subculture last summer when Keystone Shoe Co. announced their 1950s-style boots in black, dark brown and brown Horween. What makes the brand stand out for me is the name, reputation and experience behind it -- Takeshi Okuyama of Fukurokuju. Easily the best in the business with a portfolio that would anyone's head spin. Check out the post here.

Since that post, they've released three more versions in two tone and roughout (black and tan) and as I scroll through their site I'm reminded of how aesthetically pleasing and classic they've made the profile ... and at under $600, there is nothing not to love about these beauties. The best price in vintage-inspired boots and a world-renowned name in the biz makes these easily one of the best deals.

Brand: Keystone Shoe Co.
Color Tan and Black 
Sizes: 5 - 12, D or E
Leather: Horween Roughout
Insole: Flexible 
Leather Insole 
Hardware: Nickle 
Price: ¥ 58.000 ($552.00)
Order start date: August 1st 2020
Delivery time: Estimated August 2021

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