Monday, August 31, 2020


I've been searching for the right pair of roofer-style boots for so many years. With not many options to choose from over a decade ago, I was very close to pulling the trigger on a pair of Thorogood Roofer Boots. I decided to hold off since they came across as too much of a bulky modern work boot -- I wanted something with a vintage vibe. They definitely didn't fit the bill.

I found a pair of vintage tall boots online for a great price, but didn't appreciate how dainty they appeared in person. The search continued.
Leave it to one of the biggest names in today's heritage footwear biz to find the perfect balance of style, heft and functionality without the bulk and unnecessary fluff. 

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Like butter! I went with my usual John Lofgren boot and shoe size of 7 (all my Japanese-made footwear is size 7 for that matter). To give you an idea of sizing, I wear a 7 in pretty much everything out there. In 7.5 in Mister Freedom Road Champ Boots; however, I wear a 7.5.

They're super versatile with any size cuff ...

... and leg opening. 

That profile!

As I've said many times before, John Lofgren's boots are built like tanks and I like to treat them in the manner which they were designed and  built -- like work boots. I put the Monkey Boots through the grinder almost immediately and they performed wonderfully!

They cleaned up so well and will continue to look better with age. The incredibly pliable Horween CXL has already formed around my foot and have become so comfortable.

The perfect build without the fluff -- no unnecessary and excessive stitching you see on so many other boots.

Thank for yet another great boot, John and Team!!

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