Friday, December 12, 2014


"Peterman Shoes"

I can't in good conscience categorize 1940's / 1950's Chippewa Engineer Boots as rare and highly desirable anymore. They are everywhere and are more commonly found for sale than any pair of Vintage Engineer Boots. These Peterman Engineer Boots, on the other hand, epitomize midcentury cool and are what we come to covet in old 1950's biker or JD flicks and clips. They are pretty rare, show the perfect amount of patina and wear, and sold for an unbeatable price.

Brand: Peterman Shoes
Circa: 1950's
Color: Brown
Size: 8 1/2D
Length: 11 1/8"
Width: 4 1/8"
Soles/Heels: Biltrite
Leather: Oil Tanned Cowhide
Hardware: Brass buckles with quadrupal shank rivets
Sold for: Best offer from $1,199
Seller: saulwaldo123

**It's worth bookmarking this seller. He deals with a ton of Vintage Engineer Boots and doesn't use false, persuasive key words to try and sell his items.

The profile on these boots are amazing! The tapered vamp, flat squarish toe box that overhangs the welt and stacked Woodsman heels are characteristics that cause me to lose sleep at night. If these were were half to a full size smaller, I'd have immediately paid the initial asking price. Some lucky fella out there is rockin' one of the nicest pair of boots offered on eBay in some time.

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