Thursday, April 1, 2010


Some people may have noticed vintage "Blue Band" work boots on eBay recently. In the past five years, I've even seen a few Engineer Boots bearing the same label. These Engineer Boots seemed to fetch a descent price each time and what's interesting about these boots is their origin and the fact that the label doesn't advertise the retailer. We all know that Powr House is a Montgomery Wards brand - Such is the same with "Blue Band."  This is actually a level of quality within a boot or shoe.

Here's a little insight behind the name from a 1946 Spring/Summer Montgomery Wards Catalog:

Blue Band at its best:

1946 - There's no wonder why these boots were not available - look at them!!

1957 (This picture was provided by Blacktop Hero - thanks John!!)

Here's what the label looks like on a pair of 1950's work boots.

More to follow...

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