Monday, December 16, 2019


Hi John, really enjoy your blog.

I'm a about to get a pair of these but notice yours look more like waxed roughout? Did you wax them and do you have a post where you show the steps and method to do it?

I like the way they look but would be worried about doing it on a brand new pair that cost that much!



Thanks for the note! I did wax them in my own way. It’s quite simple to be honest. I do recommend wearing them out of the box as long as possible before applying any type of products.

I wore mine pretty hard and when the roughout showed enough wear (after about six months), I knew it was time to treat it.


This is the boot care kit I use on my Marine Corps Desert Boots and since I've become very familiar with the products, I decided to stick with it.

As much as I liked the denim rub off, I decided to remove as much of it as possible using the eraser provided in the kit--I wanted a clean canvas in order to achieve the best results. I used the metal side of the brush to clean any dirt and dust left by the eraser, going with the grain of the flesh.

I then used the Cleaner to clean and condition the leather. allow to dry for at least an hour (I let it dry over night).

Using my favorite leather conditioner, Pecard Antique Leather Dressing, I evenly applied a liberal amount of the product over the entire boot, not forgetting about the tongue, welt and sole edges. 

I used a heat gun to melt the dressing into the flesh, being mindful not to stay in one area for too long in order to avoid burning the leather.

I even used Pecard to wax the laces. I allowed them to dry as much as possible before replacing them onto the boots. 

The boots will lighten up over time and depending on the length of exposure to various weather conditions, they may require periodic waxing.

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