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Hi there, 

Love your page and all the Mister Freedom pieces! May I ask what's your suggestion to maintain the Mister Freedom Campus Leather Jacket?

Hi Eric, 

Thank you for the kind words!

Allow the jacket to sit in the sun whenever it's not being worn. 
Refrain from introducing the jacket to any conditioning products until you reach the desired degree of sun tanning. Products will significantly increase the amount of time it will take for the jacket to develop a rich dark tone and it's not guaranteed the jacket will reach its full dark potential.

Along the way it will be a dirt/mark magnet and will develop water spotting, but wiping the area down with a lightly damp cloth will easily "erase" the marks.

Once the jacket is sun tanned to the desired level -- or shows no sign of getting any darker -- wipe down with a damp cloth, air dry and apply a liberal amount of leather conditioner. Allow the leather to absorb the conditioner for a couple of days and then wipe clean with an old cotton t-shirt or cloth.

Mister Freedom Campus Jackets

The jacket will be supple and still slightly damp from the conditioner -- this is the best time to wear the jacket and re-establish any of the arm creases. Hang to air dry for another day.

The jacket will not need any conditioner for months if not years. The occasional wiping from a damp microfiber towel is all you'll need ... or leave it as-is to develop that desired patina.

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