Saturday, September 8, 2018


I recently had a DM conversation with a couple of gentlemen on my Instagram that I though would be useful and worth archiving here on the blog.

Where's the best place to purchase Attractions boots?

Hit up Atsushi-San at Atsushi is the contact for overseas sales via e-mail and is very reliable. If you don't get anything back for some reason, let me know and i can help.

What's the difference between the 444, 268 & 269? I'm looking it up online and a bit confused. I'm looking for a pure black boot with black sole.

The Lot.444 is the updated version of the original Lot.268 (both Horse Butt). More room in the toe box was added. The Lot.269 is made with Steerhide. They are all black without the white contrast stitching. 

Super helpful! Thank you. How are Attractions Engineers for wider footed folks? Thank you!

Thanks to everyone who writes in with questions! They help the community of collectors. 

The boots are pretty narrow and the Horse Butt is pretty stiff. Good news is they'll soon be made available in Horween Horse Butt, which means more give (read: stretch). You may have to size up.

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