Thursday, May 24, 2018


John! Long time follower of, first boot question. I’m going to pick up my first pair of engineering boots within the next 24 hours, and have what’s possibly the silliest question you’ll ever receive. Half of my friends wear insoles with their Red Wings, half don’t. What’s the consensus is with the engineering boot crowd? Asking for sizing purposes.
"Success! Thanks again for the sizing help."
"Fits like a glove, and it's only going to get better."
Hey Matt,

Not a silly question at all. It’s actually something I’m sure all Engineer Boot owners have battled with at one time or another. I know I have during my early days of collecting.

Some people have no choice but to purchase a size up on their engineers in order to accommodate ortho inserts. I’ve used inserts early on in an effort to make the boots more comfortable only to find out my thick boot socks and added insert caused them to feel far too uncomfortable.

Of all my boots, only one pair has inserts (1-1.5 sizes too big) only because they were a gift and I tend not to let go of gifts. Otherwise, I don’t fancy inserts and a lot of people I know feel the same way.

Thanks for the follow up (and for sharing your expertise so willingly at your site over the years). I’m going to pick up my first pair of engineering boots, 2966’s, from Standard & Strange tomorrow morning.

- Matt

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