Sunday, May 13, 2018


Hi there John,

I just placed an order with Pecard for some antique dressing and boot oil after I fell saw the posts on your lofgren engineers. I presume you started out with the antique leather dressings and then finished it off with a coat of the boot oil for waterproofing? I’m about 6 months in on my own natural cxl lofgren engineers and wanted to give them some TLC before winter hits in Australia.

 Cheers - Josh
USMC Style Service Boot by Ranch Road Boots

Hey Josh,

Good call on choosing Pecard. I use it on all my leather goods. I personally apply the Boot Oil first. This allows the leather to absorb it and also makes the leather a little darker (if that's your thing). Applying the conditioner first acts like a barrier and prevents the oil from completely penetrating the leather.


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