Saturday, January 27, 2018


So the story goes that a Japanese collector purchased an original 1930’s Peter’s Aviator/Motorcycle jacket some ten years ago.

Upon finding this out, the vintage reproduction market’s baddest leather jacket maker rented the new acquisition from its owner in order to reproduce it and what we have is the incredible Freewheelers & Co. “San Mateo.” A price tag of $2,400 is a drop in the bucket compared to what the owner paid for the original.

Source: brywb_uno The original used as the template for the "San Mateo"

Source: brywb_uno

Source: Hayabusa

Thanks to Alex for the heads up on this killer piece. This jacket can be your for only ... $8,200!!

Source: Hayabusa

So many examples of originals can be found on the interwebs and each one will amaze you. If you have a chance to acquire a Freewheelers version, I say go for it. 

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