Friday, December 1, 2017


Hi John, I stumbled across your blog a few weeks ago when researching engineer boots, and I've been entranced. I've spent the past 2 weeks on the hunt for a pair of used, economically priced engineers, and these slipped between my fingers in the time it took me to ask the seller about measurements.

I was wondering what you thought of them? Should I have bought first and asked questions later, or did I not mess up too badly and should just move on?


Hey Albert,

They would have definitely been worth purchasing at that price if you were looking for some beaters. They're made by Chippewa for Sears and were resoled using Vibram 109 Logger soles. If you remain vigilant in your search, there won't be a problem finding another pair at the same price -- I say a pair of beaters for under $50 - $75 is worth snatching up.

Good luck and Cheers!

*It's also worth noting that the seller states they were purchased in the late 1970's, which adds validity to the style of buckles. To the untrained eye, one could easily mistake them for 1980's or even early 1990's models.

The seller may have only made a few buck on 'em, but the gained knowledge is priceless. 

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