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Im a big fan of your blog and style on Instagram. I recently started following you and wanted to let you know you've influenced me to look into engineer boots! I've never in my life thought I'd even consider them, but after seeing you wear them and incorporate them into your vintage like style, I've been looking into them non stop and I think I'm ready to pull the trigger on a pair. 

I'm in no means in a rush at all, I always do a lot of research before buying but the biggest problem I'm running into is there aren't many reviews or fit pics of engineer boots. Just a few out there compared to other style work boots. I love denim and I love boots. 

I currently wear Iron Heart 633s and 666s, Flat Head 3012, 3sixteen 11 BSP. They are all straight tapered jeans and was wondering if I would need straight leg or fuller fit jeans to wear engineer boots because they need more leg room. I was also wondering what your thoughts on Mister Freedom Roadchamps, Role Club engineer boots (not sure how many he makes), and John Lofgren engineer boots (leaning towards short shift). 

I narrowed it down to these three boots because Im mostly looking for a sleeker style engineer boot that hopefully I don't have to wear loose full fitting jeans for, and can wear with more straight tapered or slim straight style jeans. I'm mostly looking for an engineer boot that will still fit with these jeans, and hopefully a comfortable boot (I live in NYC so I walk all day and stand on my feet at work). 

Thank you so much for any advice you can offer me. I really appreciate all your time. I'm a big fan of your blog, work and style. Keep up the good work and awesome style photos! Your posts always make my day!
John Lofgren in Brown Horween CXL with Double Volante straight-leg 21oz jeans, 7 1/2" leg opening


Thank you for the e-mail and very kind words!

I find the Engineer Boot's simple design to be so timeless and incredibly versatile. They really work with any style -- from denim to dressy, these boots have you covered.

Besides super skinny jeans, there really isn't a pair of jeans that don't look good with Engineers. Some of my favorite jeans are straight with some taper and I'm beginning to realize that a slim, tapered jean suits my build a little better -- I always thought a IH 666S would look better on me than my 634S. You won't have any problems pairing your arsenal of straight, tapered jeans with the three boot brands you've listed; however, you may find it necessary to adjust your cuffs to accommodate both lace-up and pull-on boots.

John Lofgren in Natural Horween CXL with Goodfellow & Co. straight-leg 14 oz jeans, 7 1/2" leg opening

I go through periods where I favor one brand of Engineers over another based on how often I wear them and one thing is certain: The Road Champ and John Lofgren boots have gone no longer than a few days without being worn. Up until recently, when I received my Role Club boots back from Takeshi Okuyama after having them resoled, I went about five months without wearing either one of my two pairs.

I think you'll be happy with any of the three brands and while I admire the Lofgren Short Shifts, I feel your tapered jeans may not pair too well with the short, open boot shaft. I've owned a few pair of shorty Engineers over the years and even with straight leg jeans the cuff/hem would catch on the boot collar requiring me to adjust every time I stood up.

Mister Freedom® Road Champ with Goodfellow & Co. straight-leg 14 oz jeans, 7 1/2" leg opening

I'm not sure what the currently availability is on the Road Champs, but they are in such high demand that you may find yourself on the list for quite some time -- they are VERY MUCH worth the wait, though. The Role Club boots are custom-made, so you'd have to contact Brian for his current wait time. For you, I would recommend the Lofgrens in the twelve inch version and they are currently available in a variety of colors and sizes through the Speedway-Shop via Rakuten.

Thanks again and I hope you find what you're looking for. 


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