Wednesday, May 31, 2017


Veteran Shoe/Boot Repair extraordinaire, Takeshi Okuyama, has been rockin' some amazing custom work since 2002 and continues to be a dominant figure in the Cobbler scene. I've had two pairs of top-shelf Engineer Boots re-worked by this artist and am planning on sending him another pair.

Be prepared to spend hours cruisin' his blog complete with pricing and amazingness. Cheers!

Check out Takeshi's work at:

Fukurokuju Boot Repair Shop
2-26-2 Nihonzutsumi
Taitoku, Tokyo
My Mister Freedom® Road Champs with double leather sole, leather half sole and Cat's Paw heels by Takeshi

My Wesco Boss MP Toe with Vibram #705 Half Soles and heels, Price $250 by Takeshi

Source: Hukurokuju Red Wing 9013, Price for this repair $144

Source: Hukurokuju Red Wing 2268, Price for this repair $135

Source: Hukurokuju Red Wing 875, Price for this repair $120

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