Saturday, February 4, 2017


Turns out it's not so easy trying to find a pair of boots that don't already over-saturate the industry. I've considered a few brands to fill my want for a new pair of rugged cap toe boots, but everywhere I looked there they were page after page; swipe after swipe. It was time for a new purchase, but also a time to break away from the veritable work boot mold.

Coming across the Service Boots by Ranch Road Boots was the breath of fresh air that I needed and could seamlessly integrate into my lace-up collection. Having worn them for a few weeks now, I'm one hundred and ten percent confident the right decision was made -- they have easily become a very active part of my work boot rotation between my other favorite high-end lace-up boots. Unfortunately, my Engineers have taken a back seat to gym sneakers and lace-ups.
Whenever I'm in the market for new boots I dial in on style, material and construction. I'm never concerned about price, but when I saw they were comparably priced with mainstream brands the decision couldn't have been any easier. These rate extremely high in the above requirements and strike a perfect balance between casual, dress and rugged footwear.

Instagram: @RanchRoadBoots

They embody the spirit of classic military boots -- as they should since these were inspired by early Marine Corps Service Boots and everything I've been hoping to find in a good cap toe work boot -- quality construction, attractive profile (from all angles) ... and what makes these boots even more special is the company's founder.

Sarah Ford is a former Marine Officer who served in the same occupational field as I'm serving in today -- Logistics. And as a combat veteran she knows what it means to support our brothers and sisters. A portion of all sales is proudly donated to the Semper Fi Fund, which provides financial assistance to wounded Marines and their families while they recover. Now this is a company I can stand behind ... and look at these damn boots!

Brand: Ranch Road Boots
Model: Service Boot
Spanish Pull-up leather
Goodyear welt construction
Steel shank for support
Sizes: 6 to 14
Price: $349.00

I find it pleasing that a boot company which deals primarily in handcrafted western footwear is putting out an amazing pair of work boots. Selvedge denim, naval chinos, slacks ... i'm gonna wear these versatile boots hard and with pride! My Mister Freedom® Trooper Boots, John Lofgren Donkey Punchers, 1940's Pair-A-Troopers and now these? That's a Fire Team of lace-up boots I want fighting on my side.

I'm dying over the box. This has to be the coolest boot box ever!

They look and feel amazing fresh out of the box and feel even better when worn -- the are equally comparable to boots I've purchased at three times the cost. They have a nice weight to them; not too heavy, yet not incredibly light. Just like quality flatware feels good in hands, these boots feel incredible when worn.

Size 8 fits like a glove compared to other brands in my collection:

Nike - 8
Vans - 7
Alden - 7
Whites - 7 1/2 - 8
Wesco - 7 1/2 - 8
Lofgren - 7
Chippewa - 8
Wolverine - 7
Red Wing - 7
Attractions Co. - 7
Mister Freedom - 7 /12
Converse All Star - 7

Communication with the RRB is quick and friendly, so don't hesitate to contact them for size availability.

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