Friday, December 2, 2016


Hi john, was wanting to get your opinion on the Chippewa"1949 Original" model...I really enjoy your blog and Instagram! Thanks!

"Original 1940"

Hi Paul.

Thanks for the e-mail! 

BLUF - I'm not much of a fan. They're modern Engineer Boots billed as "Original 1940" and the style falls short on representing either of these years. 


The buckles -- which ironically look like those used on Red Wing boots -- are great, though. I feel that a simple buckle swap on the M1901M48 model (top right) would make them a big hit. 


For the $430 price tag on the "Original 1940," I would sooner purchase a pair of Red Wing 2966s from Standard And Strange (only $400 with better leather and incredible aging results - currently restocking)

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