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Thanks for doing the blog. Its just awesome. At the moment I'm looking for a pair of what I'd call entry level engineer boots. To me this means something readily available and sub $500. I really dig the look of the Red Wing 2966, but I'm lost as to how to get a pair (I live in New York). Of additional concern to me is that I wear prescribed orthotic insoles which take up a lot of room in a boot. Being able to try on a pair in a brick and mortar store would be helpful. It seems like the Chippewa 1901M48 or Red Wing 2990 are the top contenders, but I'm assuming others are out there that I haven't come across yet. Which of these would you recommend, or are there other boots I should be considering?  Thanks so much for your help and service.


 Red Wing 2966

Hi Jeff, 

Thanks for the e-mail. I always enjoy reading how people are able to take something away from my blog. 

The Red Wing model 2966 is a must-have for any Engineer Boot enthusiast. Standard and Strange is the exclusive US retailer of this model, which fits within your budget of $500. They also have free shipping both ways, so you don't have to worry if they don't fit. It appears they have 8D, 10D and 10 1/2D in stock, but I'm told they will continue to restock if the demand is there.

I've been a fan of the Red Wing model 2990 ($319) for several years now and would have pulled the trigger long ago, but being a creature of habit I like to stick with something I'm familiar with and that's three bills that can be put toward my top 3 Engineer Boot models or some other traditional style Engineer. I suppose when I'm satisfied with my collection of traditional boots (not sure when that'll be), I'll purchase these boots. They are super comfortable with the low cork soles. 

Chippewa's M1901M48 ($340) is a nice looking boot, but the modern buckle leaves much to be desired. I'm quite disappointed in the company's decision to go this direction with such an integral part to this type of boot's appeal. I would spend the extra $60 and choose the 2966 without even thinking twice. 

The White's Nomad are a decent looking Engineer with a base retail price of $475 for their stock model. Customers can have them custom ordered, but  then you'll go a couple/few bills over your budget as well as experiencing the long wait. 

You can pick up a pair of in-stock or custom build Wesco Boss boots at Baker Shoe (as well as eBay) for under five bills 

I think those are the models worth mentioning that fit within your budget. Of the boots mentioned above, I would absolutely choose the Red Wing 2966.

I hope this helps. 


Thanks for the thoughtful response. I believe it was the day after I sent the initial email that you posted on Instagram about Standard and Strange. I immediately ordered a pair in what I believe to be the correct size 11d. They should be arriving today, and I've been told they may be able to get larger or smaller if needed.  I'll let you know how they work out.


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