Tuesday, October 4, 2016


Hi John!

So I took your advice and emailed Cristian at Mister Freedom to ask about Trooper Boots availability. I was excited to learn they had my size (9D) in brown! I purchased them and received them right away, amazing boots for sure, they are very comfortable too! I really like the construction and the materials, and of course the last. 

Regarding the NOS fabric they use, do you recommend using Otter Wax on it, or do you think I should leave it as it is? How do you think they will age better? Hope you have a great weekend! Any other process or care that you recommend?

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Thanks for the e-mail and congrats on the Troopers. These aren't your everyday, entry-level lace-up boots. These are fans of the brand ... fans of style ... fans of something not many people have. I'm forever telling my readers to either call or visit the shop if that "grail" MFSC item can't be found online.

If you plan on really wearing your Troopers like they owe you money through some severe inclement weather, then I say wax 'em (pick up a heat gun at your local hobby shop for a proper job). Heavily broken in leather will only be complemented by the waxed canvas. 

On the other hand there's no real need for wax if you're just rocking them as average daily wear. You can always wax them later when/if deemed necessary, but there's no reversing the process if you decide to jump the gun.

Lastly, there's no need to condition new leather as this process is taken care of at the factory. It's not until prolonged exposure to the elements and heavy wear that the leather will require some attention. Occasional wiping with a damp cloth and a boot brush is all that's really needed. 

Hope this helps.


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