Sunday, September 25, 2016



First I want to star of by saying your Vintage Engineer Boot page is wonderful and full a great info. I know you get asked a ton of questions about cost and which boot to buy. I spend hours looking at the post. So much good info. I decided to go with some custom Wesco Boss. At the moment they fit into my budget. One day some Role Clubs. I was hoping I can show you my boot build and see what you think? Thank you.

My Wesco Boss MP Toe on the left


Thank you kindly for the e-mail. I find myself referencing information posted on here over the years quite often. If only I wasn't so busy, I'd archive more information. 

Congrats on your custom Wesco build!! Please do send photos and build specifics. More often than not, my blog readers have used this information for their own builds.

Thanks again and talk with ya soon!


**These amazing Wesco  boots - already perfectly broken in - were a gift from Michael as a gesture for the helpful information I provide on this blog as well as my service to the country. I'm not the type of person to let such an amazing deed go unrecognized, but to show what an upstanding dude he is, Michael didn't immediately accept my offer for a custom wallet. Of course the offer stands, indefinitely, and is not limited to a custom wallet.

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