Monday, August 15, 2016


Brand: Chippewa
Circa: Post-WWII Rationing
Color: Black
Size: 8 1/2D
Soles/Heels: Leather/Cat's Paw
Leather: Oil-Tanned Cowhide
Hardware: Nickel
Sold for: Best offer from $999

Some real nice patina going on here with these Engineers. It's pretty clear that tall boots gain the attention of only a small niche market of collectors, but keep in mind that this was the standard height pre-WWII - War rationing caused the shortening of this type of footwear. This particular pair; however, appears to have been offered post-War Rationing (1946) based on the chunky buckles. Armed with this detail and knowledge of the Pre-1955 labels, I date these around the late 1940's.

I'd have been happy to reel these in for a best offer of about $350-$400

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