Thursday, July 7, 2016


"Wearing 11'' engineer boots in summer?"

Hi, Mr. John

I hope this email finds you well. Got a question for you: Is it OK to wear 'em buco engineer boots (or the like) in summer around 86F/30C?

The climate of where I currently live is similar to that of New Orleans. Yet my obsession over greaser way of life hit a high this summer. So I'm humbly asking for your advice.

I'm wearing the Role Club Engineer Boots I studded in the NOLA summer heat with a heat index of 105°F/41°C this past weekend.

Hi CJ, 

I've worn 11" Engineer Boots all year long for over 25 years now regardless of weather. Perhaps I've never been taught to wear them in certain weather, but I find it odd when I hear guys say they have to put their boots up for the summer or that it's getting too hot for boots. We all pay good, hard-earned money for these boots; wear 'em like they owe you money.


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