Thursday, June 16, 2016


Forged in today's vintage enthusiast lexicon is the name, "Hometown Jersey." And equally familiar is the name behind these amazing 1940's and 1950's-inspired racing jerseys (and Tees), Jill Smith. In the short span of just over three years, Jill's period-correct custom jerseys are being worn by bikers, rodders, racers, bowlers, business owners, rock n rollers ... guitar geeks and they even bear the names of cities and streets. If you've ever want to represent your local Community Supported Agriculture in style, Jill's got your back. 

Hometown Jersey               Jill's Instagram

Both jerseys are available in sizes XS - XXL

Her quality threads are so popular that she has caught the eye of a small company that has been around for a short one hundred and thirteen years -- some may know them as Harley Davidson®. This latest venture pays homage to the two-tone team jersey worn by Paul Goldsmith from Michigan and a two-tone race jersey from the early 1950's -- knowing what I know of the vintage fit and feel of her jerseys,  I know I need these in my collection. I've been in the market for my next jersey from Jill, but this new release has bought me some time from trying to come up with a design. 

I'm not sure how many Jill was contracted to make for them, but if you're a fan like me I wouldn't half-step on this one. Check out the new design at the HD Museum here.

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