Friday, June 10, 2016


Brand: Unknown
Circa: 1950's
Color: Black
Size: 7
Length: 11"
Width: 4 1/4"
Soles: Full Composition O'Sullivan
Leather: Oil-Tanned Cowhide (Sorry to burst your bubble, folks -- 99% of vintage boots were NOT Horsehide) Unless boots are clearly marked with the word "Horsehide" be careful when descriptions read:
- "I'm not sure, but these could be Horsehide."
- "Made with Horsehide"
- "They feel like Horsehide" Really??
- "I'm positive these are Horsehide"
- "The original owner said they were Horsehide"
- "Steerhide"
- "Horsehide"
Hardware: Brass
Sold For: Seller accepted offline offer of $300

Nothing spectacular in the way of Vintage Engineer Boots has really come up lately, but these boots are worth mentioning. They were posted late last night and come morning time, someone had clinched 'em with a decent offer of three bills. The seller could have easily squeezed out anywhere between one to two hundred more for them (wayyy more to an overseas buyer), but with a starting bid of $0.99 on a nine-day auction it clearly shows the seller had no idea what he/she had.

The classic 1950's profile, attractive wear and perfect patina is what set these apart from your modern-day big box boots and at three bills, the winner really made out. I could point out two or three big-box brands that have a similar look, but nothing beats an original. I would have offered another bill or two for them (even with the full comp sole) and as I've said before; anything above five bills and we're encroaching on homage boot territory. I've owned countless vintage boots over the past twenty-five years and would sooner pay for another pair of Road Champ, Lofgren or Roll Club Engineers in a heartbeat.

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