Sunday, February 7, 2016


I recently had the urge to purchase a new leather workwear jacket, but found myself a bit overwhelmed with the cornucopia of options. Needless to say, the majority of these amazing early-century-inspired jackets are being made in Japan where they do American workwear better than Americans -- let's face it, we're losing at our own game with the exception of a few Los Angeles-based companies.

I wanted something that not many people have (or at least something that hasn't been posted a million times). This was a difficult undertaking, but couldn't be happier with the choice I made.

This 1930's-style horsehide "Californian" by Toyo is a model that was released several years ago and I was fortunate to have found one of the last few still available online. One of the major appeals of this jacket -- besides how amazing is looks -- is that you rarely see them around. 

It's not as heavy as one would expect and maintains the perfect warmth, so the level of layering depending on how cold it is outside is pretty versatile.

Here is a list of other jackets I considered during my search and will continue to consider as I'd like to pick up another jacket pretty soon. There are more Japanese models out there, but these are the ones I gravitated toward during my research.

The Brakeman by Freewheelers is at the top of my list of proper car coats and will probably be the next purchase ... but we'll see. 

Souce: The Wild One

The Kick Ass by Jelado is one of the better D-Pockets available today

Source: Rakuten

The Campus Jacket by Mister Freedom® remains one of my favorite Cossacks available anywhere and the black version has been callin' my name -- I just can't seem to stop wearing the original version, though. I do have pick one up before they're gone. 

The best hair-on-hide on the market comes from Attractions Co.

Source: Attractions Co. 

Their Bison Grizzly is out of this world! Check out the slew of other jackets they released in the past year.

Source: Attractions Co. 

Honorable mention. The Barrigner by RRL is just one cool car coat!

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