Sunday, January 17, 2016


Dear John,

I hope you are well! I want to ask two questions regarding engineer boots. I've been following your Instagram for a while and decided to solve the problem that I can't find a pair of engineer boots that fit my feet.

First, I want to learn how to wear engineer boots. I've already purchased three pairs of engineer boots, two of which Wesco and the other Viberg. However, I found them all unfit. I found that the strap on my instep seemed decorative and it couldn't prevent the heel from dropping. The size is good because I wear a pair of Wesco lace-up packer in the same size perfectly. My feet fit the inside length of my Boss boots, too. How to deal with this problem? Should I buy I pair of engineer boots in a smaller size and wear it in the way that I wear loafers?

Second, I am going to make a pair of boots with Brian. Role Club seems the only choice for me to get a pair of boots that fit my feet. I want to consult you about the style of the heels. I am 173cm high. Is it proper to have a low heel like the one of Viberg's service boots? Do you have some suggestions? I don't like a very high heel because it will make me too high, which is weird.

Thanks for reading my letter. I hope my poor English doesn't bother you so much. Hope you and your blog are well in the coming year!


Hello Simon, 

Thank you for the e-mail!

Heel slippage is a common characteristic of Engineer Boots; however, extreme slippage should be considered unacceptable, especially with custom-made boots. Having said that, I almost always have to punch another hole or two to the instep strap of all my modern homage boots regardless of them being custom sized or not. When ordering Role Clubs, you'll be required to provide custom measurements and mine fit like a charm ... with minimal heel slippage. Again, you'll never run into a pair of Engineers that lack any type of slippage. Also, it is not uncommon to have to undo the instep strap in order to wear or remove the boots for the purpose of reduced heel slippage.

I answered the heel height question for Sam just a couple of weeks ago and since you are shorter than him, I don't think heel height should pose any issues. You and I are about the same height and I went with the full stacked Woodsman heel. Like I told Sam, "It completes the whole package" and I couldn't be any happier with them.

I hope this helps.


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