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Most comfortable engineer boot?

So just like the subject says, I am looking for an engineer boot that provides that will be comfortable for standing on concrete for long periods of time. I currently have a pair of Chippewa engineer boots that feel like bricks on my feet, and there is little room inside for an insole. I realize comfort is subjective, but I think I am looking for something with a softer sole and room for an insole. Any recommendations? Possibly a softer sole on the Chippewas?
Red Wing 2970
Hi Dave,

I owned two pairs of shorty Chippewa Moc Toe Engineer Boots with crepe wedge (aka Christy) soles and they were the most comfortable boots I ever owned. They have a pleasant springy, cushiony feel to them when you walk, perfect everyday shoes/boots, perfect for dog-walking, perfect for working in and they look damn good with premium denim!

My personal pair with original-style buckles

My personal pair with original-style buckles

The newer version of these shorty boots are the Chippewa 97879, but have the newer style buckles I'm not too fond of.

I also tried on the Red Wing 2970 Engineer and they proved to be just as comfortable as my shorty Chippewas.

Another Red Wing model you may want look into is the 2990 or 2991 (brown). They have a softer Nitrile Cork outsole.

Red Wing 2990

If you're dead set on the traditional sole, you may want to consider buying boots one half size up in order to allow for thick sneaker insoles. I use thick boot socks and have been wearing boots for over twenty-five years, so there's not a pair of boots that I don't find comfortable. Thick boot socks and sneaker insoles? Forget about it - I could run a marathon with this combo.

**Be mindful that these may not be the best option to help against nails penetrating the soles.

Hope this helps.

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  1. The Vibram Stockbridge Gumlite sole is a nice option for a traditional profile with nice cushioning. Have a competent cobbler pull the existing outsole, stitch on a midsole, and then glue on the Stockbridge.

    Just a thought!