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I hope I don't trouble you too much on this question. I am thinking of ordering a pair of new Mister Freedom Road Champ boot. But have no idea what size I should choose.

On the MF website, they suggest to go down half size from the sneaker size. I wear US8 in all Nike, Air Jordan, New Balance and US7 in Red Wing 875

According to their suggestion, I should order RC in size 7½ and I found you happen to wear 7½ in RC so I thought you will be the best person to consult regarding this question.

So would you suggest me order a pair of RC in size 7½.

Once again, thank you for your time and help.

Best Regards,
KAI from Melbourne, Australia


Thank you for the e-mail. I'm glad you contacted me since we wear the same size in footwear, so this is going to be very easy -- I've also helped out people in various sizes. The below info was also provided to another reader of my blog as we are also similar in size.

Here is what I wear:

Nike Free - US 8
New Balance Running - US 8
Red Wing 875 - US7
Converse All Star - US 7
Road Champ - 7.5

Based on the above information, I personally recommend trying out the Road Champ Boots in 7.5. This size provides me with a tiny bit of wiggle room when worn with thick boot socks ... more with thinner socks, of course. I prefer to have more than less room - To remedy any slight and unwanted wiggle room, simply add an insole.

Hope this helps and good luck!


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