Monday, November 9, 2015


I own seven custom 1940's / 1950's-style racing jerseys by Hometown Jersey and can't think of any other company out there offering the customization, authentic feel and style, and level of detail that Jill Smith does through her amazing company -- let's not forget the unbeatable price, especially for an American-made product. She recently unveiled her custom t-shirts with an authentic 1950's fit and I couldn't wait to get my grips on a few custom pieces. During this period; however, the new silkscreen TK Smith tee was introduced, which bought me time to decide on a custom felt-lettered tee.

Having owned numerous original 1950's tee's, I can say with full confidence that Jill hit the mark on the fit and feel of these awesome tee's. I ordered a size small (I wear a vintage size 36) and, true to form, these fit like a vintage size small - most of today's "big box" size smalls fit like medium and sometimes even large sizes.

Size Small:
Chest: 18"
Shoulders: 16 1/2"
Length (from top of collar down back): 24 3/4"
Sleeve (seam to end): 6 3/4"
Art by Anika Orrock

The fit is a very close interpretation of a midcentury tee with its slim body and shorter sleeve, unlike modern ill-fitting offerings. It's not your lightweight, thin "burnout" tee, but rather a pleasant light to mid-weight 100% cotton. Overall, this is the perfect gateway to many future custom (and plain) tees by Hometown Jersey. Thanks Jill and TK!!

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