Monday, September 7, 2015


It's VERY clear why the John Lofgren Engineer Boots are in my Top 3 list of Classic-Style Engineer Boots. John loses no momentum with his ever popular boots now available in Natural Horween CLX. I can't wait to put some miles on 'em. Thanks John!

The profile is absolutely one of the best out there and with first-hand knowledge of the inevitable flattening toe box and graceful aging, these will forever be in my top three.

Admiring the quality and construction. This marks my fifth pair of John Lofgren Engineer Boots. They are carefully packed in bubble wrap and appropriate protective tissue/foam sheet to ensure the Horween leather safely reaches their new home.

I've unboxed countless pairs of Engineer Boots over the years and I'll always feel like a kid at Christmas.

Attention-to-detail. John put a lot of thought into the design of his box to match the quality of his boots.

Perfectly stacked heel.  "Click, click, Nice!" -Jeff "The Drunk" Curro

Not for long. The non-celastic toe box will flatten in no time "flat."

Quality! Stay tuned for periodical aging updates.

Champion Sneaker also available in Camo and Navy

These will be my go to sneakers. 

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