Monday, August 10, 2015


Dear John,

I have been following your blog and Instagram for sometime. I never thought that I would write to you but since I see that you reply and help people I took time to ask for your help.

I have been lurking for a pair of engineer boots and my first pair was a red wing and then a john lofgren.

I do wear them regularly, on work on my motorcycle summer winter, I just wear them.  I have been trying to source a pair of Mister Freedom RC's either new or used, but I have been very unlucky.

Any assistance you can provide will be much appreciated. Where to look for a used pair? Do you have any knowledge anyone selling a pair size 8-8.5 U.S.

I am on a waiting list but Christian from Mister Freedom (polite and seems professional) said that the brown RC's are unknown when they will be back in stock and the black's will take about 4 months and I might get a pair if someone does not go on with his order.

So, any help is much appreciated.

With kind regards from Athens Greece,


Thank you so much for deciding on sending me the e-mail! I highly encourage my readers to send in their questions and concerns regarding Engineer Boots ( I'm always happy to lend my opinion, impart my knowledge and help out the community of like-minded collectors.

The photo shown above is an excerpt from my blog dated March 22, 2011 showing one of the main reasons for closing the deal when I did. Since then, I've said the same thing a ton of times and have received double that in complaints from readers who didn't heed my advice and wish they'd picked up the boots when they were readily available. It's basic supply and demand and in this case we are fortunate that production hasn't been discontinued AND the price hasn't increased (I hope I didn't open a can o' worms with that last part).

If you desire instant'ish Road Champ gratification, you can sometimes count on various sites like eBay, Super Future and Style Forum, but buyer beware. Of the aforementioned sites, eBay offers the best buyer security coverage. 

You already have two nice pairs of Engineers that should hold you over for a good amount. Knowing what I know, I would put on my patience and wait to for Cristian (or Jordan ... Or Tom) to call out my number. You'll be happy you waited and absolutely won't regret it.

Thanks again for the email, Nikos.


---Break, Break---

To my other readers, if you have or know of someone who has a pair of 8 or 8.5 feel free to contact me.

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