Thursday, August 27, 2015


There was once a time I posted "Boots Worth Buying" on here that featured used boots for sale at auction. I had no affiliation with any sellers - just providing assistance to those on the hunt. I scrapped this feature due to dismal offerings.

Here's a size 8 RRL, "Julian-Made" pair on Grailed worth considering. The seller is asking $495, but you can make offers. If I didn't have custom boots (or two!) on the way, I'd offer $350 and be very happy. 

Check out my review of a personal pair, "New Studded RRL Engineer Boots."

*The seller describes them as Murdock, however this is the first iteration of the good Engineers by RRL that weren't given a name. The successors of the "Julian-Made" Boots were called Murdock. 

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