Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Brand: Unknown - Generic
Color: Black
Size: 10
Leather: Split Cow
Soles / Heels: Cat's Paw
Hardware: Nickel
Condition: "Good"
Sold For: $500 / Buy It Now

I've mentioned time and time again that "Knowledge is Power" and either the buyer of these Engineer Boots - made with a quality of leather just above pleather - has a large disposable income or truly believed these 1960's / 1970's boots were actually circa 1950's.

From the tiny thumbnail in the search results, it was obvious these boots were the furthest thing from being mid-century and the enlarged photos clearly reinforced this.  Unique characteristics I keyed in on include split cowhide, the addition of aftermarket Cat's Paw heel lifts / half-soles atop molded composition plastic soles and  the overall profile - 1950's flat-toed Engineer Boots have a distinct look compared to something made later in the century.  There's no question these boots are vintage with a period resole, but in terms of value I wouldn't suggest paying more than a "C-Note" for these ... if someone really wanted a starter pair.

I've provided quite a bit of empirical data on this blog that should assist potential buyers of this footwear style in making an informed buying decision.  Had the buyer done a little bit of research here, four, if not five bills could have been used towards something more vintage.  Even I do research using information I've posted on this blog.

If you're unsure of a purchase, please feel free to contact me.  I'm more than glad to help.  There are quite a few e-mails that I'm delinquent on responding to, but rest assured that I'll catch up to them once my workload lightens up.  They just may end up on "reader mail."



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