Saturday, June 20, 2015


Brand: J.C. Penney
Circa: 1950's
Color: Black
Sole: 10 1/2"
Height: 4"
Sole: Cat's Paw
Hardware: Brass, Riveted Sole
Leather: Cowhide
Sold For: Unknown. Initially offered for $800, but taken down

These are a smaller size, but worth featuring. I've received a lot of e-mails from women asking where they could find good Vintage Engineer Boots and this is a prime example of those that can be found online. Since the listing was taken down early, we can only speculate that a deal was brokered offline. Being a smaller size, I would only hope the buyer paid no more than five bills ... but I three to four would be ideal.

These are claimed to be from the 1940's, but I beg to differ. I would date them to at least the early 1950's.

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