Saturday, May 30, 2015


On May 26, 2015 we hit the road for New Orleans, Louisianna to write the next chapter in our lives as I start my new assignment as the G-4 Chief. To start the trip, Jillian planned a few days in Palm Springs followed by a night at Yucca Valley's Pioneer Town to catch the JD McPherson gig then to the Hotel Valley Ho in Scottsdale, Arizona. Beyond that, we'll be shooting from the hip until we get to our final destination.
Good bye Oceanside! But first, Jamba Juice.

Just over two hours of driving and we find ourselves at one of our favorite hotels.

It's the William Cody room during this third trip.

Checking out what what the hubbub is all about at the Ace Hotel. Not much to see here.

Checking out some midcentury modern homes

The Pink Door

The Moorten Botanical Gardens

Just before the JD show. I'd post a photo of the band, but went the entire hour and a half without seeing single thing. The joint was much too packed to even enjoy.

This adorable cat decided to help herself in the room and onto the bed at the Pioneer Town Hotel while I packed the vehicle. We ended up staying an extra fourty-five minutes just to allow her to sleep and relax. There's no telling what type of life she leads, but we at least know we made it just a little better for that short amount of time.

Never too far from my Road Champs.

More to follow as the trip continues east ...

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