Thursday, April 23, 2015


Hi John, I sent an email to Mister Freedom but figured you would also know the answer since you have had your campus jacket for a long while. I've already tanned mine and put the initial coat of Pecard's leather dressing on it last year (I've had the jacket since June 2014), but I noticed yesterday in a very light rain that my jacket has those unsightly water spots again. How would you recommend getting rid of these? Should I take a damp rag and go over the jacket again, and then reapply Pecards or maybe Lexol? 

 Thanks so much for your help!

Hi Chris, 

I'm sure the fine folks at MF will provide the answer you need, but here's what I would do. First off, congrats on the rain - albeit a light one. We surely need it in many parts of Cali.


Applied water ...

and ... 

allowed it soak all the way through the Pecard (approx. ten minutes)

Using a damp microfiber and medium pressure, wipe down (back and forth motion) "erasing" the water drops. The area should be one even damp color. If the  entire jacket requires a wipe down, work on one panel/portion at a time - not important, but this decreases the chance of uneven tones.

Hang to dry naturally - do not use a heater or hair dryer. Water marks are gone! You can apply another coat of Pecard, but not necessary. I would only re-apply dressing when the leather begins to look dry.

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