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I'm a big fan of your site and it has inspired me to purchase a pair of engineer boots for the first time in over 20 years. I have my eye on one of your top three engineer boots (Road Champ, Attractions and John Lofgren. My only issue with choosing one would be my wide hobbit feet. Just to give you a little info - I'm a true 11EE. I wear Allen Edmonds Dalton's 11EEE. I have a little room even with boot socks. But I wear a cheap (quality not price) pair of Frye at 11D that have that great locked in feel I prefer in boots. And a 10.5EE in Red Wings with a lot of heel slippage. So my question would be, what engineer boots do you recommend for a wide ass foot? Perhaps none of the above mentioned?

Desperately seeking engineer boots,


Hi Alex,

Thank you for the e-mail! Unfortunately, I don't feel the boots in my top three will suit your needs based on their available sizes. You would absolutely benefit from something like a made-to-order pair from Wesco or White's boots. You could order through Wesco and get some good results/customer service, but I'd stay away from White's. Baker's Boots has a great reputation for custom-made Engineers and deals with these brands. You can have a really nice classic-looking pair made with all the fixin's and custom fitting for around seven to eight bills.

Hope this helps.

Cheers! John

White's Nomad

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