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Hi John,

Great blog with lots go info. My interest in engineer boots started in the late eighties when I began to ride motorcycle and reading Easyrider magazine. At the time I was intrigued with the ads in there for boots. There were small black and white ads and easy rider brand boots. Do you know who made the boots were they from good quality . I did not had the funds nor the balls to order them then.


Pre-Red Wing ad

Hi Paul,

Thanks for the e-mail.  Easyriders Nasty Feet Boots were produced by Chippewa as early as the late 1960 and up until the 1980's. At this point, when it was time for Easyriders to renew their contract, Chippewa was asking for too much scratch along with personality differences between the two top dogs, so Easyriders awarded the contract to Red Wing.

It began when Easyriders wanted to branch out and market their own riding boots. Who better to take on this task than two reputable boot companies with decades of motorcycle bootmaking history? These boots carried on the appeal of both Chippewa and Red Wings, but Easyriders took it a step further by adding a knife pocket on one boot shaft and a money pocket on the other. This wasn't offered by any other boot company at the time (Wesco added this to their list of options just some years ago) . Nasty Feet's were marketed as "Tough Guy" boots.

Chippewa via Hukurokuju
Red Wing


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