Saturday, December 6, 2014


The Mister Freedom® Hall Of Shame Part Deux

Unfortunately, there have been some new additions since the first iteration of these shameless copies of original Mister Freedom® pieces.

It's one thing to pay tribute to a brand, but for these companies to create carbon copies from a brand celebrated for producing unique and collectible pieces displays their lack of creativity and imagination.
 The 2009 Bronco Champ vs 2014 copy by T-Bird (Paris, France)
"Most people don't know how to be original, so copy cats are to be expected. But one thing will always be true, you can never duplicate an original." -Unknown
2011 NOS Chambray vs 2012 copy by Uwe Van Afferden 
2008 Utility Chambray vs 2012 copy by Shirt by Shirt

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