Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Well, at least to claims that ALL Engineer Boots from the 1930's through the 1950's are made with Horsehide. Unless vintage footwear bears a stamp (embossed or leaf) or tag/label indicating the leather makeup, be mindful of auctions using key phrases like:

"I think these are Horsehide, but not sure."
"I was told these are Horsehide."
"The original owner purchased these in the 1940's and said they were Horsehide."
"Feels like Horsehide."
"Tastes like Horsehide."
"Smells like Horsehide."
"Made with the highest quality Horsehide."

An amazing vintage shop in Japan recently sold these Vintage Engineer Boots described as Horsehide; however, these scarce 1940's Montgomery Wards Blue Band grade Engineer Boots are actually made from Full Grain Cowhide. No boots produced for Wards (or Chippewa, or Red Wing, or ... you get the picture) were EVER made with HH - they sell for big bucks even without erroneous claims of "collectible" leather.

Check out more about Blue Band from my 2010 post here.

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