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First off I love your blog and it has really got me into purchasing a pair of engineer boots.

I wanted to know what your thoughts are on the sizing of Buco engineer boots. I'm a size 8 in boots. And sometimes a 7.5 in red wings and alden indys. Do you think a 7.5 would fit me? Thanks!

Keep up the excellent blog! :)

Best, Antonio
My old personal pair of Horsehide Buco's, model BA6010-030
Thanks for the e-mail! I appreciate the kind words.

Based on my sizing below, I think 7.5 in Buco's would suit you just fine. My Buco's were a little roomy at 8.5, but my normal boot socks and cushion inserts fixed that up just right. A size 7 would have been ideal with 7.5 working as well since my Toys McCoy Beck's (similar lasts) are 7.5 with that perfect amount of wiggle room.

*My Buco's had a hard toe with double celastic reinforcement, so wiggle room or not, there was no prospect of a future flat toe box.

Here are my sizes for reference:
Normal Boots: 7 to 7.5
Red Wing 2268: 7
Alden Indy: 7 (through research - I haven't yet owned a pair, but Shell Cordovans are calling my name)
Converse All-Star: 7
Real McCoy's Buco: 8.5
Japanese sizing: 7

I hope this information helps you along with your decision and please feel free to drop me a note if you have any more questions.


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