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What's your take on Crepe Soles? What are some advantages and disadvantages? How easy is it to re-sole a crepe to wood stack? I like these limited edition blue suede boots from Unionmade. I read that Japan is crazy about the crepe sole, but my exposure to this is very limited. I am hoping that you can help with this decision.

Thank you for your time
 Source: unionmadegoods
Thank you for the e-mail, Luis. Great boots at an equally great price.  I absolutely love crepe soles! I owned two pairs of shorty Chippewa Engineer Boots with crepe wedge soles and they were the most comfortable boots I've ever owned. 

Here are my experiences with crepe wedge soles:
Pros: They have a pleasant springy, cushiony feel to them when you walk, perfect everyday shoes/boots, perfect for dog-walking and they look damn good with premium denim!
Cons: Like any light-colored shoe/boots, the sole edges may require occasional attention - an old toothbrush and hand-pump soap works wonders. No other cons!
Resoling footwear with Goodyear welt construction isn't hard for a reputable cobbler. Crepe soles are a huge deal in Japan - shown below is what the world-renowned Japanese cobbler, Okuyama of Hukurokuju has the ability to do with Red Wing 875's for just around $150. 

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