Tuesday, September 30, 2014


I was recently asked to list my top production model Engineer Boots and the answer was quite simple. Clockwise from top left: The Mister Freedom Road Champ have been on my radar since their release for the model that best captures the essence of early Engineer Boots - many have tried, but no one has been able to match its style. The John Lofgren boots are, hands-down, my pick for the pair that best honors the midcentury style with its versatile profile and attractive curves. The Attractions boots bear desirable qualities found on 1950's Montgomery Wards and Santa Rosa boots and the Phigvels fill the classy style category that's both tough yet dressy.

A ton of companies are pushing out what they feel to be top contenders in this already-saturated market of homage Vintage Engineer Boots, but I feel they all fall short by adding that characteristic they feel is unique to their design. Keep this simple style simple or they all end up just tasting like chicken.
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