Thursday, August 28, 2014


Here's a very nice pair of Vintage Engineer Boots sent in to me by VEB contributor, Warren. Originally released in the late 1940's, these sold for a perfect $499. They bear that staple 1940's profile sought after by collectors, but unfortunately don't possess a label from any big name brands of the day ... or they definitely would have garnered at least twice the money on the auction block. There's slight damage from what appears to be exposure to water, but nothing too detracting.  I wouldn't have paid any more than six bills for these, so kudos to the winner for the steal.

Oh, and these aren't made with Horsehide. I've mentioned this time and again; unless they are marked "Horsehide," don't get caught up with spending an extra five plus bills for oil tanned cow ... regardless of what the seller claims.  Props to the seller of these boots for not including misleading key words in the description.

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