Monday, May 12, 2014


After five months of wear, I couldn't be happier with my Mister Freedom® "Campus" Jacket.  With the hot SoCal weather upon us, this jacket is easily my go-to piece.  It's super light to carry around during the day, yet warm enough to keep you warm through the night.

Check out the process I used to achieve this color here.

** The OpTempo is pretty high at work, so I'm in uniform almost all the time and haven't had much of a chance to enjoy the great pieces I own. Whenever possible, I like to don my Campus jacket and am reminded each time how amazing this piece is. Since it hasn't had the attention I believe it deserves, I think I'll continue to tan it a bit more especially in this hot SoCal weather. This will require some more conditioner sooner than later, which excites me to no end since it will have a positive effect on the color. More to follow ...

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